The Hops and The Farm

We are located on Stocks Farm, one of the leading hop growers in the UK and the majority of hops we used are grown and processed literally on our doorstep. The Hop Shed and Stocks Farm, although two independent businesses, compliment each other and it is great to have the opportunity to brew with new experimental varieties of hop that the farm trial. Our Pekin Pale Ale is a quadrupal hopped pale ale with an experimental variety grown exclusively here on Stocks Farm which gives tropical fruit flavours. The journey of our hops, from field to glass, can be seen in the short video below:

There are several other fantastic hop growers in Worcestershire and Herefordshire who also grow some exciting new varieties of hop that we use in our beers, such as the Ernest hops from Instone Court, just 4 miles away.

We are proud to only use British hops as we have found they produce an amazing range of flavours and aromas making it unnecessary to import hops from America or New Zealand. The British Hop Association website is full of interesting information about British hops and hop production in the UK.

Hop picking time, in September, is our favourite time of year. Just outside the brewery tractors trundle into the hop shed laden with hop bines which are then picked and dried, producing fantastic aromas!