Forthcoming Food Nights at The Hop Shed

2019 Hot Food Friday Dates

21st June – Smokin’ Brads – smoked chicken or smoked cauliflower and seasoned fries

5th July – Fish and Chips

19th July – Burger Shop

2nd August – Fish and Chips

16th August – Pork Peddler

6th September – Fish and Chips

4th October – Fish and Chips

18th October -Becky’s Bhajis

1st November – Fish and Chips

15th November – Pork Peddler

6th December – Fish and Chips

20th December – Burger Shop

All food nights include a vegetarian option. Food is usually served from when we open at 16:30 until just before we close and any changes to this will be advertised on this site and Facebook.